Q. Do we need to go through premarital counseling in order to have you perform our wedding?

A. In short, No. However the services are available if requested. We have a premarriage questionaire which couples can complete on their own. Many couples find it quite useful in creating a dialogue.


Q. Where can we have our wedding?

A. Just about anywhere. We will perform weddings in homes, on a tall ship, in a park or other venue or in our church. Our feeling is that the place should reflect the personalities of the couple and that the church should not dictate where you can or can not conduct your wedding.


Q. Does the ceremony need to be religious?

A. No. We will perform religious and non-religious ceremonies as well as traditional and contemporary secular ceremonies.


Q. Can we write our own vows?

A. Yes, in fact, with couples that are so inclined, we would encourage it.


Q. Can you assist with any other functions at our wedding.

A. Yes, please look at our "other vendors" page.


Q. What if we want to elope without all the fanfare.

A. We are not able to accommodate elopements at this time.